Society operating exclusively for the Borghi Mediterranei cooperative society dedicated to the promotion and sale of tourist services in the experiential and luxury fields.

Memo Tour operator is an incoming tour operator also operating as an OTA through, tourism destination portal aimed at promoting Southern Italy. The tourism portal is implemented with an e-commerce platform, aimed at the sale of tourist services provided by member companies of the Borghi Mediterranei tourist cooperative.

Wonderful Calabria it's a network born in 2010 with the intent of wanting to convey, through Social Media Marketing, places and views, artistic treasures, archaeological, natural products of Calabria now also with e-commerce services on the marketplace.

Marketing Italia Srl is a leading European company in the promotion and enhancement of territories and tourist destinations. Project owner Visit Italy, best portal in Europe ai .i web awards 2020 of Brussels, our team is made up of some of the most authoritative professionals in the industry digital marketing applied to tourism.

Strategic operational consulting company specialized in the Travel world & Retail. Founded in 2006 by Enzo Carella and Pierluigi Taliento, bases its results on a structured network of resources that stands out for the skills and experience gained in the field, also leading projects in international markets. Excellence and innovation are WHITE values ​​and ensure an extraordinary overview as well as a powerful control of operational and commercial effectiveness.

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