To join as a tourist company the procedure for the Borghi Mediterranei Cooperative Society is as follows:

• Read the Statute of the Cooperative;

• Complete and sign the application form and send it by e-mail to

• Pay the membership fee which for tourism companies is equal to € 200.00 one-off on the current account payable to: Cooperative Society

Mediterranean villages IBAN IT 93R03 11180 67000 00000 03157 At UBI BANCA - branch of Castrovillari (CS).

Starting from the 2nd year, an annual contribution of € is required 200,00 in support of the promotional and representation activities carried out by the Cooperative in favor of its Members.

The fee includes all the services listed on the "Services to associated companies" page

The CDA of the Cooperative Society will evaluate the applications for membership, and to return the shares of any candidates who do not meet the requirements indicated in the Articles of Association.

Within 10 days from admission formal membership of the Cooperative Society, MEMO S.r.l. will take care of the insertion in the PDT of the Member's Hospitality Page, upon transmission of a description of the company, of maximum 4 high resolution digital photographs and price lists of services to be marketed.

They can participate in the Cooperative Society of Mediterranean Villages all economic operators engaged in the tourism sector, with VAT number, including family-run accommodation facilities, tourist associations, excursionists and / or cultural sites that may possibly be without them.

Farms can also participate in the cooperative as active parties in the provision of experiential tourist services.

PLEASE NOTE: The association with the Cooperative Society "Mediterranean Villages" is a necessary condition for the inclusion of the tourist facility on the PdT on the portals and as well as in the tourist packages developed, distributed and marketed by the Memo Tour operator network.

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