Mediterranean villages concrete help to tourism businesses in Southern Italy
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We develop tourism promotion activities in the south..
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Mediterranean villages promotes key activities such as agriculture, local crafts ...
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Mediterranean villages is open to all economic operators involved in the tourism sector..
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Valid support for tourism businesses

The Borghi Mediterranei Tourist Cooperative is a modern team of tourism businesses structured in a network spread across the whole of southern Italy.
The cooperative associates tourism businesses according to specific selection protocols that include rigorous quality indices such as environmental sustainability, provision of personalized and high-quality tourist services and operations in tourist contexts of historical and cultural value, environmental naturalistic, landscaped.

The cooperative therefore focuses its tourism promotion activities by looking with interest at the realities of quality agriculture and local crafts, identified as key sectors for the integrated and sustainable development of the territories represented.

Great commitment and attention are paid to cooperation with local public bodies in order to optimize resources, also economic, aimed at generating an integrated and convincing territorial marketing.

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